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Getting Started with Home Lighting Control in a Smart Home System

Getting Started with Home Lighting Control in a Smart Home System

Choose the Best Lighting System for Your Home 

To choose the best lighting system for your home, the best options available are offered by BAZZ Smart Home. From recessed lighting to Smart bulbs, light up your life and your home with the best lighting system on the market. 

Centralized Lighting System

Centralized lighting involves getting rid of any wall clutter you may typically see with a standard lighting system and moving the lighting control to the central control panel. This also gives you more freedom for interior design while allowing you to control you bulbs, strips, and recessed lighting from your smartphone or a remote. This is ideal for a large house or entertainment area as it is extremely customizable and easy to control. 

Wireless Lighting System

Wireless lighting systems are typically located on or near a light fixture and can work with the switch/sensors to provide power and dimming control of the fixture. Instead of running wires out to your lights, you can mount the dimmers and switches on each fixture themselves. This is an ideal option for smaller houses or a few rooms. 

Hybrid Lighting System

Hybrid lighting systems mix solar light with artificial light to illuminate your home. The energy-efficient solar light in channeled through a cable and the light is supplemented with your choice of artificial lighting, cutting your energy bill in half while still giving you beautiful results.

How to Design a Smart Home System for Lighting?

The most important steps when designing a Smart Home System with BAZZ for all of your lighting needs are to have a vision, know who will be involved in the project, and understand your family’s or client’s needs.

Have a Vision

Make sure that all parties involved have full clarity on what the Smart Home Lighting System is going to look like, how complex it will be, and its functionality. It is best for your vision to involve an agreed upon aesthetic that will suit the look of your home, personalized features for day and night lighting, and easy installation. 

Determine the Amount of People Involved in the Project

Of course your family will be involved in terms of helping you decide upon the functions you need and the look you’re going for, but you should also consider an interior designer, lighting designer, the product supplier, the installer, and a possible electrician - and how you want to include them in your project. Make sure all duties and responsibilities are specified, and that your vision is made clear to everyone.

Innovate User-Friendly Solutions

The users, meaning the residents of your home, should be at the heart of the design. The lighting setup should be customizable to everyone’s daily activities - from bright lights for studying and working to dimmed lights for movie night - so the functionality of Smart Lighting products suits the need of every family member. Make sure that everyone has the Smart Home app of their phone so they can control lighting with the touch of a screen in any room, and explain the layout to everyone living in the home so it’s user-friendly. 

Your Perfect Partner for Smart Home Systems

Getting started with home automation can sound like a daunting task, but smart home devices like those made by BAZZ make automation a breeze without breaking the bank. Check out our blog post “A Beginner’s Guide to Smart Home Technology” to get started on crafting your vision and creating the smart home lighting scheme of your dreams. 

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