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Global Smart Home Lighting Market's Great Expansion in 2023

Global Smart Home Lighting Market's Great Expansion in 2023

Smart Home Lighting Market Growth by 2023: What do the Stats Say? 

According to Globe News Wire, the sales of Smart Home Lighting products and the systems associated with them are expected to soar worldwide in 2023, up $10 billion from $91.79 billion in 2022. One of the most important factors in market revenue growth is raising awareness about smart lighting and how DIY-friendly these systems can be. 

Smart lighting systems enable customizable lighting in homes across the globe, improving sleep, productivity, and comfort. The LED lighting and smart technology options also appeal to the eco-friendly and budget-friendly consumer looking for green solutions and energy efficiency to save money. 

The installation cost can be high, so providing more accessibility and instructions regarding how to install Smart Lighting yourself introduces a simple, DIY solution that is necessary for many families or people on a budget. The availability of voice commands and connectivity means these lighting solutions are highly customizable, can be controlled from anywhere, and are extremely convenient. 

Factors Driving the Increasing Hype of Smart Home Lighting Systems

Health Benefits

Lighting can highly impact various aspects of your health, including adding light to your home to keep you more alert and increase happiness while also giving the option of dimming your lights so you can relax and experience a night of restful sleep. BAZZ offers many smart lighting options, including setting a light alarm that wakes you up gently, as if the sun were rising in your room, and sync to movies and music and be controlled from your smartphone. 

Having lighting regulated with your internal clock increases clarity, awareness and reduces anxiety, letting you know when it's time to stay focused and when it's time to wind down. Even hues and brightness can affect our mental health, especially during colder seasons when the sun sets earlier—keeping your home illuminated until you're ready to settle down before bed can put you back in a healthy, happy routine. 


With the prevalence of climate change awareness and companies trying to find green solutions for providing energy to their customers, being environmentally aware and friendly is one of the keys to smart lighting's success. Smart home products allow users to turn lights on and off from their phone, no matter where they are, as well as being able to adjust the thermostat or turn off their smart speaker. Anyone buying BAZZ Smart Home products, including lighting products and accessories, can save energy and money. 

High-End Automation 

As at-home automation increases, we enjoy the perks of having a digital assistant or butler at our fingertips. BAZZ Smart Home offers smart lighting solutions that can be dimmed, changed colors, or turned on and off from your phone. The power to control and customize your home gadgets gives you a luxurious home automation experience without the high price tag. 

Our Smart Home Lighting Appliances

BAZZ specializes in Smart Home products, ranging from video doorbells to fantastic lighting solutions. Below are some of the great smart lighting products offered by BAZZ and the benefits of each.

4" and 6" RGB lighting

Not only can you enjoy the luxurious nature of color-changing, elegant recessed lighting in a 4" or 6" pack of multiple lights, but you can also control each Smart Light Fixture from your BAZZ Smart Home App wherever you can access WiFi. You can choose from plenty of colors, brightness options, and dynamic light routines - anytime, anywhere. 

If your hands are full, set voice commands using your Amazon Alexa or Google Home to control the lights by thinking out loud! This Smart Recessed RGB Lighting option has a lifespan of 25,000 hours and straightforward installation instructions. 

LED light strip

With BAZZ LED Light Strips, you can customize any space in your home - under the cabinet, around your gaming set-up, or in your home office. The surface installation is easy and includes all the necessary hardware, along with a 5-foot plug and 16 ⅜ inch connector cable. Control color, brightness, and routine from your smartphone to set the mood while having a dinner party, stay up all night gaming, or increase productivity all day long. 

A19 / BR30 light bulb

BAZZ's revolutionary, color-changing A19 WiFi bulb is a plug-and-play smart lightbulb ideal for floor lamps and hanging ceiling fixtures. Using your WiFi network, you screw in the bulb and can completely control it from your smartphone or Smart Speaker. Set the mood for dinner parties, sync up lights to movies, or create lighting schedules to aid you in better sleep. 

The BR30 bulb is ideal for recessed fixtures and can be used in hallways or above your stovetop. With a smart BR30 or A19 bulb, you can enjoy an energy-efficient light source that lasts up to 25,000 hours. 

Smart Solar Outdoor Lights

Turn your backyard space into an oasis with BAZZ Solar LED Outdoor lights and lamps. These lights are beautiful and functional and are offered in a stylish torch or lantern design. They have an on/off switch, a manual for easy installation, and a rechargeable battery included. 

BAZZ is the Best Place for your Smart Home Lighting Needs

BAZZ Smart Home is your one-stop-shop for all your Smart lighting needs. We offer a wide selection of LED light bulbs in different shapes, sizes, and colors to suit your every need. Our Smart Lighting solutions are energy-efficient and long lasting, making them the perfect choice for your home or office. BAZZ Smart Home has you covered whether you're looking for a single light bulb, an LED strip, or an entire Smart Home Automation Kit. 

To learn more about how to light your home the smart way, check out our blog "LED Light Bulb Buying Guide For Your Smart Home."

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