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How to Automate Bazz Smart Home Lighting

Luxury home with automated lighting turning on at night

We've been restricted to minimal home lighting capabilities for too long: on, off, or dimmed. Fortunately for us, BAZZ smart lighting systems give us extra control! Adjust brightness, create schedules, add colorful effects, and control bulbs through your smartphone or smart assistant.

It all sounds magical, and it's actually pretty simple. Smart bulbs connect to your WiFi, through which other devices, such as your tablet or smartphone, can communicate all your demands - all but eliminating the need for traditional wall switches! Even better, smart light bulbs easily screw into the existing sockets: no stress, no fuss, just convenience without compromise.

Why Automate Your Home with BAZZ Smart Lighting?

Energy Efficiency

When you have smart lighting automation set up in your home, you can get notifications on your smartphone if you left any lights on before heading to work, set a schedule for bedtime and wake up so you never fall asleep with the lights on, and enjoy the longer lifespan smart lighting boasts when compared to traditional lamps. 

Not only will you save money in the long run from your energy bills, but you will also save the environment without even knowing it!

Full Control

Smart lighting gives you complete control to: 

  • Schedule timers for your lighting to turn on and off at a certain time.
  • Configure light shows for movies or parties.
  • Dim or turn the brightness up with lights depending on whether you want to relax or focus. 

With easy installation and WiFi setup, you can enjoy full control in minutes from your smartphone, tablet, or smart speaker - wherever, whenever. 

Optimal Interior Design

Smart lighting can create a beautiful ambience for an at-home date night, an exciting light show for your home theater or your next gaming session, and bright focus light for your office during work or kitchen when you're trying out a new recipe. With BAZZ lighting's RGB options, you can choose any color and dimness to suit your mood, whether you need to relax after a long day or wake yourself up before a workout. 

Enhanced Home Security

You may not have thought about it before, but since smart lighting can be controlled from anywhere, you can turn lights on or off when you're away to ward off potential robbers. You can also set up an automated schedule that turns lights on and off at certain times to make it seem like you're home all day and, therefore, not an easy target. To optimize your home security, consider a home monitoring system from BAZZ.

How to Automate Your Home's Lighting with BAZZ

Choose Your Smart Home System

There are many ways to automate your home and many systems to choose from - with BAZZ, you know you're getting the best quality for your money with many lighting options for your design and function needs.

Some aspects you should consider when choosing items for your smart home lighting system include:

  • Cost.
  • Ease of setup.
  • Which lighting automation best suits your lifestyle.
  • Reviews and reputability of where you buy from.

BAZZ Smart Home offers an extensive range of automated lighting to increase your home's security, ambience, and efficiency. Check out our lighting collections to turn your home into a smart one. 

Plan Your Smart Lighting Setup

Once you've chosen which BAZZ products you want to be part of your home lighting automation setup, you should understand how they are installed and their benefits. 

  • If you want a sleek, overhead lighting option for any room in the home and optimal security, check out BAZZ recessed lighting fixtures that come with a smart WiFi lights switch. The recessed lighting is only noticeable once you automate it to create a beautiful ambience, bright overhead lighting for focus during the day, and optimal design for your home.
  • If you want to make your accent lights smarter, consider purchasing smart WiFi bulbs from BAZZ - sync them up to music or movies for a fun lighting display, create a great vibe in any corner of your home, and enjoy easy installation and setup in any fixture.
  • Looking to jazz up your gaming setup, home gym, or simply add lighting to your cabinets, shelves, mirrors, under tables, along the bottom of walls, around framed art, and so many more areas? Consider a smart WiFi LED light strip from BAZZ - fully fun RGB capabilities paired with the functionality you need to light up dark areas of your cabinets or highlight your favorite paintings and pictures. 

Install Smart Light Switches

  1. Choose your light switch. This seems quite obvious, but we recommend the BAZZ Smart Light WiFi Switches, as you can control and monitor the energy consumption of your lights, schedule timers, or create scenes with other devices when you have these switches.
  2. Remove your old light switch to make room for the smart switch. This involves disconnecting each wire one by one, and labeling them with electrical tape to avoid confusion down the road. Before doing this, turn your power off for safety purposes.
  3. Connect the old wires to the new switch. Connect the in wire to the in wire and the out wire to the out wire, along with doing the same thing for the ground wire and neutral wire. Make sure you have no exposed wires in the box, and then test them out by turning on your power. 
  4. Make sure the light switch is secured. Screw the smart switch into place and make sure all connections are stable.
  5. Connect your light switch to your WiFi network. This can be done at home, at work, or anywhere you have a WiFi connection - so long as you have the BAZZ Smart Home app, you will be able to connect to and control your smart light WiFi switch from your smartphone, Alexa, Google Home, or tablet. 

Install Smart Light Bulbs

To install an LED light strip, you simply need to have an outlet available and some electrical tape if you want to hide wires. However, for recessed lighting and bulbs, the installation will take a few more minutes. Check out our blog on how to install recessed light here. To install BAZZ Smart Light Bulbs, you will need to:

  • Remove your old bulbs and screw the new bulbs into the desired fixture.
  • Set up your home hub and WiFi connection to the BAZZ Smart Home App, which will then recognize the bulbs.
  • Name your bulbs and automate them in any way that suits your needs!

Install Smart Plugs

Installing a smart plug is easy and is the perfect finishing touch to your energy-efficient, automated home lighting system. Simply plug your BAZZ Smart WiFi Plug(s) into a normal power socket and turn it on. Connect the plug to the BAZZ Smart Home app, log in, and you're ready to set up your home lighting display.

Set Up Your Smart Home System

Setting up your smart home system is the fun part - you can create voice controls to make automation even easier, light displays, and schedule to suit you and your family's lighting needs. This can all be done in the BAZZ Smart Home app, and controls or preferences can be changed at any time.

Configure Your Automation Profile

You can choose to control all of your smart lights using your smartphone or with voice control via Amazon Alexa or Google Home. By adding more bulbs, recessed lighting, and light strips over time, you can achieve a fully automated house with all of your color preferences, dimming capabilities, and synchronization possibilities. Any time you install a new light, just go into your BAZZ Smart Home profile on the app and configure your automation settings, timers, and schedules! 

Tips For Automating BAZZ Smart Home Lighting

Know Your Preferred Smart Assistant

BAZZ smart lighting is compatible with both Amazon Alexa and Google Home, so understanding the make and model of your voice-controlled smart assistant(s) means it will be easier to program these devices in the BAZZ Smart Home app and control your lighting with just one vocal command. You can say "hey Google" or "hey Alexa," followed by any request to dim, brighten, or switch lights on or off. 

Find the Right Bulb for You

Knowing which smart bulbs you want and where you want to place them, along with ease of installation and budget, are important factors when creating your home lighting setup. Screw your BAZZ Smart Bulb into any existing fixture, connect it to your WiFi network, and experiment with the lighting possibilities via the Smart Home app. If you're happy with the results, our smart bulbs come in larger packs, so you can illuminate any room without breaking the bank.

Make the Smart Switch

Installing smart switches can optimize your home lighting experience and make life that much easier. Check out the BAZZ step-by-step guide to installing a smart light switch, and see the advantages that come with these Smart WiFi Wall Switches. Control fixture dimness with the switch itself or by connecting this technology to the BAZZ Smart Home app for fully smart home lighting automation.

Understand All of the Possibilities

The possibilities with automated RGB Smart Lighting are endless and exciting - turn on your porch light when someone rings your Smart Doorbell, or turn on your bedroom light when your fitness tracker determines it is time for your morning workout. Softly wake up your kids with a timed, warm-hued gentle light in their bedrooms, or sync your smart bulbs with music and movies to create a full light show.

BAZZ Offers the Best Automated Lighting For Your Home

BAZZ Smart Home has been a leader in the lighting and smart home monitoring industries for over three decades. Now they are revolutionizing the smart home world with their years of knowledge and impeccable eye for modern designs. 

When paired with the BAZZ Smart Home app, our smart WiFi devices offer a stress-free smart home lighting solution that can be controlled from wherever you are. With just a tap, you'll be able to turn on and off your lights, dim the lights, adjust your whites from warm to cool, or even change the color to suit your mood! Shop BAZZ Smart Lighting today. 

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