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How to Upgrade Lighting and Security for Your Business

How to Upgrade Lighting and Security for Your Business

Upgrade Lighting and Security for your Business with BAZZ

With the collection of Smart Home Monitoring systems and kits available from BAZZ, it’s easy to create a custom security system for your small business. Add some lighting into the mix, and you have a welcoming environment that will help you save energy, money and give you peace of mind. BAZZ offers decor and security all in one reliable, smart package - shop BAZZ Smart Home to add these security and lighting necessities to your business today!

Stay Safe and Secure with Home Monitoring Systems

Security cameras can protect you when they’re placed both indoors and outdoors. Inside, they deter theft when placed behind the cash register, and can help you identify customers and where they usually stand/shop to identify key points of sale. Outside, the cameras should be placed at the entrance to see who is coming and going, as well as near the parking lot. Monitor your premises after hours to prevent break-ins, track shipment deliveries, and find out which hours of the day bring in the most business. 

Using a wide-angle camera outdoors and indoors can help you prevent theft, threats, and missed/stolen packages - and BAZZ Smart Home’s app compatibility allows you to track everything from your phone. 

Ward off unwanted visitors, or check which customers are coming and going, with our Video Doorbells and Smart Monitoring Cameras. Safety should be the last thing you need to worry about with so much going on - from making sales to tracking shipments - so make sure you’re stress-free and secure with BAZZ video and motion monitoring devices. 

Make sure that nothing is stolen from your business, or, if anything is, catch who did it with BAZZ Smart Home Monitoring

Protect Your Business and Save Energy Outside of the Office

Whether you’re on the go a lot or in the office all day, it’s hard to monitor what goes on at home while you’re away. Having a Smart WiFi doorbell ensures peace of mind, allowing you to be able to greet customers, monitor who visits or leaves, and be alerted of potential threats all from your smartphone. A lot of burglaries happen during the late morning and afternoon, usually when you’re out of the office - so having the ability to watch over the entrance to your business whenever, wherever can make all the difference.

Additionally, you don’t have to worry anymore about rushing down to greet a customer, employee, or delivery person and finding out it’s something that doesn’t require your immediate attention. With the prevalence of package theft, you’ll always want to be able to make sure that that delivery doesn’t leave its place until you get home. See a thief? Scare them off with the two-way audio system, or record the theft so you can show the police and make sure they don’t commit any more crimes.

Since you’re controlling your BAZZ Wifi Video Doorbell through the BAZZ Smart Home app, you can make it user-friendly by customizing its features to suit your needs. And once you have the Smart Home app, you can monitor your business from anywhere where WiFi is available - and control it with a remote, voice commands, or your phone.

You can also control lighting through our app, or connect it with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to use voice commands. Turn lights on and off to save energy anytime, anywhere. 

Lighting for a Welcoming Environment and Saving Energy

Some BAZZ Smart Home lighting products, such as the 4" and 6" RGB recessed lighting are great for office ambience - you can opt for a cool-toned cubicle set-up, or warm up your store with yellow-hued, dim lighting. All you have to do is switch out the current lightbulb and replace it with a BAZZ Smart Bulb for perfect recessed lighting - controlled completely from your phone. 

Control lighting through our app, or connect it with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to use voice commands. Turn lights on and off, adjust brightness, choose from millions of different colors, and create dynamic lighting schemes depending on the time of day to attract customers.

Opt for warm mood lighting in your desk lamp for getting work done, or go for a fun color to match the vibe of your business. You can also set a timer so you can control when your business’ or office’s lights turn on and off, immediately saving you energy and money. 

Shop Éclairage intelligent from BAZZ Smart Home today - you’ll love the ability to control color, hue, and dimness from anywhere.

Trust BAZZ Smart Home with your Small Business Security Needs

Whether you’re a recently established small shop looking to protect your products from theft or an esteemed start-up wanting to protect your growing team, BAZZ has all of your security and lighting needs to create a DIY office setup which is welcoming for customers and a threat to thiefs. Shop BAZZ Smart Home security kits today and get more work done with safety and peace of mind. 

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