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The Ultimate Guide To Gaming Room Lighting

The Ultimate Guide To Gaming Room Lighting

What are Gaming Room Lights?

Gaming room lights can provide an exciting and immersive ambiance for your gaming setup, whether in your home office, bedroom, or a room entirely dedicated to games. You need gaming room lights to fit your individual needs - if you participate in lengthy video game sessions, you'll want a consistent light that only dims when you're ready. 

Into competitive tournaments where you need to keep your eye on the prize or host a party with your gaming friends? A dynamic light routine can take your setup to the next level. With good gaming lights, you want functionality and something that suits your aesthetic. 

Why use Gaming Room Lights?

You need consistent and fun lighting to guide you through a night spent slaying dragons or a gaming get-together with friends, and gaming room lights can do the job.

Gaming room lights can enhance your gaming experience - elevating a corner of your bedroom into an immersive, exciting entertainment hub. This can enhance your focus during high-pressure tournaments and keep you calm so you always come out on top. Additionally, these lights add personality to any setup - their full customizability makes it easy for you to show your personality through recessed lights, strip lights, or bulbs.

Impress your guests with dynamic routines and set the right mood any time of day. Want to feel calm while playing a soothing RPG? Warm, yellow-hued lighting can do just the trick. Want to stay focused and alert while playing the latest release? Keep things exciting with colorful lights that sync up to the music or sounds of your game.

It is also important to keep in mind that you should light the right areas of your gaming setup - avoid any screen glare and scale backlights from your controller or keyboard so you can keep your environment at an ideal aesthetic. 

Tips for Selecting Gaming Room Lights

Some tips BAZZ has to offer for selecting gaming room lights to include:

  • Knowing what kind of lighting you'll need for your space. If it's just a corner of your bedroom or home office, you may only need a couple of bulbs and a strip light to create an exciting, refreshed gaming setup. If you're lighting up a whole room, recessing lighting may be the way to go. 
  • Placing your lights in the right areas. You want to avoid screen glare, and anything diverting your attention from your mouse, keyboard, and the game at hand - gaming room lighting should enhance the experience, not distract from it. 
  • Minimizing wires. Nobody wants to add to the wires they already have taped to the wall or neatly coiled from their consoles and hardware. Smart lighting reduces the appearance of wires and gives you more room for controllers, knick-knacks, and focus. 
  • Having complete control. Changing the color of your lighting setup, choosing a dimming routine so you're not staying up too late, and turning off lights when you want to save energy makes your gaming area aesthetically pleasing and fully practical. 

The Top Gaming Room Lights of 2023

With BAZZ, you'll never have to worry about abrasive wires, a lack of selection, or minimal color-changing possibilities. From our LED Strip Lights to our Recessed Lighting and LED Bulbs, there's something for every gamer looking to light up their gaming room without breaking the bank or spending hours on installation. 

RGB LED Gaming Strip Lights

This WiFi RGB LED light strip will be essential to your Smart Gaming Room Lighting setup. Featuring easy surface installation with all of the necessary hardware included as well as a 5-ft plug and a 16 3/8 inch connector cable, you'll have everything you need to get up and running in no time—control color and brightness straight from your device with the free BAZZ Smart Home app.

With the BAZZ Smart Home App, the Colors Collection offers endless possibilities. You can select your ambient color lighting from a range of millions of colors, and dim your white or colored lighting. Change the color of the lights to fit the vibe of your game, or dim the lights while playing an indie horror release. 

Dimmable Lights for Your Gaming Room

Transform your gaming room into a smart one with the 6" LED RGB Recessed Light Fixture Kit - the revolutionary color-changing WiFi downlight from BAZZ.

The lighting uses your existing WiFi network, with no hub or bridge required. Simply install the lighting, download the BAZZ Smart Home app (iOS and Android), and enjoy complete control! The sleek Smart Wall Switch can smarten your remaining standard bulbs (incandescent, halogen, etc.). Fasten to your existing wall switch, and voila, smart lighting without replacing a bulb.

Control lighting through our app or connect it with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to use voice commands. Turn lights on and off, adjust brightness, choose from millions of colors, and create dynamic light routines. Dim the lights as low as you'd like for an afternoon gaming session with your friends, or turn them up to stay focused and win during a thrilling tournament. 

Smart RGBW Ceiling Lights

The slim and stylish Smart RGBW ceiling fixture from BAZZ is the cornerstone of smart lighting technology. The fixture emits uniform light to create an ambient atmosphere for every occasion with the push of a button. Tune your whites from energizing cool to golden warm, and choose from millions of different colors. Perfect for a subtle accent in your living room or as a bright utility light in your basement. 

After completing the easy installation, download the BAZZ Smart Home app (iOS and Android), and enjoy lighting control through your smartphone or connect it with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to use voice commands. Turn lights on and off, adjust brightness and create preset light routines. Ready to play on hard mode? Sync up the lights to your game to maintain your pace and rhythm to beat the top score. 

LED Light Bulbs

The BAZZ LED plug-and-play smart lightbulb - ideal for floor lamps and hanging ceiling fixtures - uses your existing WiFi network with no hub or bridge required. Simply screw in the bulb, download the BAZZ Smart Home app (iOS and Android), and enjoy complete lighting control. 

Set a party mood for gaming get-togethers with friends, turn your gaming room into an immersive experience, and create schedules to turn lights off at nighttime, so you don't lose sleep.

Control lighting through our app, or connect it with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to use voice commands. Turn lights on and off, adjust brightness, choose from millions of different colors, and create light routines to fit any game, movie, or song to impress your friends or make your gaming experience even more exciting.

Light Up Your Gaming Room With BAZZ

BAZZ'S wide array of products will allow you to customize your very own gaming room with a lighting setup that's right for you. All BAZZ products can be seamlessly used and controlled from the BAZZ Smart Home App and do not need a hub. Through just one app you'll be able to change the color of your lighting in real-time, create daily routines, turn on and off lights remotely, adjust your white from warm to cool, and more!

If you're looking to level up your gaming room with fun, exciting lights, check out BAZZ Smart Home

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